〜  森林浴で癒されるコテージN4  〜

Cottage N4 where you can relax with forest bathing.



再開の節にはホームページ・Face Book 等でお知らせ致します、


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be closed until July 20, 2024.

We will notify you on our homepage, Face Book, etc. when we reopen.

We hope that you will use us again in the future.



 森林展望バスルーム・2ツイン 2F ユニーバーサルデザインフロアーF


Meitetsu villa area in a quiet forest

  Forest view bathroom/2 twins 2F Universal design floor 1F


Enjoy the resort life of the four seasons in a private cottage with an emphasis on privacy.


We offer forest bathing, a quiet space to soothe the stress of everyday life.


 Are you tired and stressed from living in the city and want to seek relief?


 Want you to go on a private trip with friends and family?


 Want you to travel without hesitation with my family and friends who are in wheelchairs?


  N4 supports these thoughts!

2階2部屋(ツインベッドX2)4名様 + 1階(3モーターベッド) 最大5名様

全館冷暖房(1F 温水、2F 寝室 FF式ヒーター)・非常誘導灯・消火器・火災警報器


2rooms on the 2nd floor(2 twin beds)for 4 people + 1st floor(bed of 3 motor)for up to 5people.

Optical line wi-fi/4K 50 inch (VOD) TV

Kitchen: Refrigerator, IH stove, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, electric kettle, other cooking utensils, tableware, washer/dryer

Air conditioning and heating throughout the building (1F hot water heating system, 2F bedroom FF heater), emergency guide light, fire extinguisher, fire alarm.

Towels, linens, bedding and basic amenities are also provided.

BBQ stove (please provide your own wire mesh charcoal, etc.), outdoor table and chairs, etc.


A semi-indoor parking lot that is safe even in rainy or snowy weather (sufficient space for wheelchair access).




We renovated the windows!

The exterior aluminum sash and interior resin sash are made of triple glass, which improves soundproofing and heat insulation performance and opens wide.




This is the window before the renovation.

Regarding the photos on the homepage,Please note that there are some items that have not yet been renovated.

1階 キッチン・リビング Kitchen / living

2階 寝室・バスルーム Twin / Bath room

白馬村神城飯盛地区の名鉄別荘地 北4条通り。

Meitetsu villa area in Kamishiro Iimori district of Hakuba Village


Located on Kita 4-jo Street.

セブンイレブンまで For 7 /11 :1.1km 

ローソンまで For Lawson :1.4km

コメリホームセンターまで For DIY store :1.1km

ドラッグストアまで For drug store :1.4km

ビッグスーパーマーケットまで For Super Maket :1.7km

新谷クリニックまで For Crinic :1.2km

JR飯森駅まで For  JR Iimori ST :1.8km


Parking for 2 cars (one with a roof)

 館内は禁煙です。No smoking.





Please bring your own seasonings for hygiene reasons.

Pets are not allowed.


Please contact us regarding assistance dogs.